Devorah is an honorary associate in refugee studies and human rights, in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Sydney. Her substantive fields of research are in refugee studies and human rights, The philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas and Merleau Ponty; political theorists Arendt and Simmons and the mystic Martin Buber are foundational to her thinking.

She has previously taught ethics and communications to the Masters of economics and finance at the University of New South Wales and was the Director of the undergraduate change management program UNSW. She currently has affiliate status at Macquarie University.

Devorah has15 years experience working within the private and government sector. Between consulting internationally to blue chip organisations she was employed as Director at the Community Relations Commission of NSW. In this role she managed the metro, rural and regional officers, multiple projects and events with the multicultural communities in NSW, NGOs and universities, held fora for ethnic leaders in parliament house and managed teams writing speeches for Members of Parliament.

She has significant experience with the asylum seekers incarcerated in Australian detention centres